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Deanna AI

Privately held; Founded in 2019
6 – 10 employees



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Deanna AI is a program that gives market evolution predictions for crypto currencies. It provides pertinent and calculated information. It uses several AI processes to create reliable indicators. These indicators, calculated every hour, will give an estimate of how a specific crypto will move within the following 10 hours. Backed by science, these indicators provide a sum of information (study of the past, study of sentiment, etc) that gives the user all the tools to decide whether or not to act on a trade. With information at the core of Deanna AI, it is easily accessible at all times in the form of visually pleasing crypto bubbles that let you know instantly if the situation is interesting or not. Plus, with additional features like alerts, Deanna AI still works for you in the background only notifying you when you want. Gain knowledge, Gain time! You can contact us at Deanna@quantsunited.com

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