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FunctionalSourcing connects the global contract manufacturing industry.

Here will be the global functional sourcing platform for stakeholders in the areas of contract manufacturing (CMO), original equipment manufacturing, original equipment development (OED), testing, R & D, etc. It will be more interactive than Mercator, Business Amazon, or Ariba from SAP.

FunctionalSourcing is a brand of 4Finance with its sister brands Publicity Marketplace and the already existing platform for connecting the global investment industry SmartMoneyMatch (the same framework will be applied).
E.g. It's planned free to use and offers the opportunities to:

Additionally, all users will have a company and a personal profile page where their activities or offerings—as publisher, brand, or service provider—are displayed.

To give an idea about the planned filter criteria it would be like:

- Industry

  1. Certified (with country)
  2. Stage R&D and Design, Prototype, Testing, Production, Supply chain management, production, after-sales services
  3. Production countries
  4. Shipment countries


a. Paid/free, budget

b. Field

c. Type of Research

d. Time

e. Sponsor (private, public, mixed)

f. type (data collection, model creation, model validation, deployment)

System characteristics:

Product type:

Certificate for process/product (Yes/No)

Other aspects:

  1. IP
  2. Country (production, delivery)
  3. Shipment type
  4. Storage

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